Drift Away

I'm going to attempt to update as regularly as possible. Perhaps you'll see some interesting range here. sketchs, photos, most of all art! Feel free to come back often ='._.'=

Here's a tattoo with Megan, who originally wanted a cover up. This is moments after tatting (the redness will ease in a few days) One more session to go still. So far i'm pretty happy with the results, so is she. I'll link up the original when i get a copy.
House Md - Season 5 has started!

ANTM - Season11 (though i enjoy Australia's top model more now)
i really don't watch much of the tube... i'm more of a movie junkie.
Notable good movies as of late ~ Alien, Goonies, and Evangelion Rebuild.

My sleep schedules been quite paradoxical to the norm... and yet whats new =^__^= i suppose it works for me.

Hope yall enjoy! As i'm just announcing this on my other blogs, this place is more for my regular nonsense. Perhaps i'll save my emo&political rants for myspace... ...and i'll always be browsing new awesome art on DeviantArt but i'll mostly be here for the most part.

Take it easy friends ^__^ ~Dee