i just watched of mice and men... for the first time.

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Paul Newman passes at 83

My condolence and blessings to the family. Newman's own, quite possibly some of the best sauce out there, was set up so that all the profits made from that line were donated to charities. Providing an industry// source of jobs for people, and by 2008 - having contributed over 250 million$!!! Pretty nifty.



"When life has become futile, meaningless, unendurable -- it must be allowed to end."



Arnold Palmer tea, Daft Punk live, & somehow...hours gone in organizing the virtual clutter within my folders. Readin: The Vampire Lestat


Drift Away

I'm going to attempt to update as regularly as possible. Perhaps you'll see some interesting range here. sketchs, photos, most of all art! Feel free to come back often ='._.'=

Here's a tattoo with Megan, who originally wanted a cover up. This is moments after tatting (the redness will ease in a few days) One more session to go still. So far i'm pretty happy with the results, so is she. I'll link up the original when i get a copy.
House Md - Season 5 has started!

ANTM - Season11 (though i enjoy Australia's top model more now)
i really don't watch much of the tube... i'm more of a movie junkie.
Notable good movies as of late ~ Alien, Goonies, and Evangelion Rebuild.

My sleep schedules been quite paradoxical to the norm... and yet whats new =^__^= i suppose it works for me.

Hope yall enjoy! As i'm just announcing this on my other blogs, this place is more for my regular nonsense. Perhaps i'll save my emo&political rants for myspace... ...and i'll always be browsing new awesome art on DeviantArt but i'll mostly be here for the most part.

Take it easy friends ^__^ ~Dee




its 6am... almost time for sleep...

Wonka Tribute

"We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."


And now, our moment of Zen...

INK: Crystals Explodey Fairy

Out of Sam Kieth's The Maxx!!! One of three planned fairies.


Some Tender Meats...

...because, i love you ~D


Laced w/ Poisen

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." ~Kahlil Gibran


From my book that I'm currently making - "Coma Dreamland"

INK: el Lupe

My first attempt at animal realism- it is a magical Tarsier Monkey! I made friends with one once... It left me enchanted and really amazed by a sense of awareness it had. I would so love to have one as a pet, but i feel with most creatures now, they desearve to live out life in a natural habitat, not a cage.

Plastic House Plants

Found new music from Portishead today (well new to me at least) *bliss*


Nervous Universe mixed media [Acrylics, Gold Leaf, Gouache, Inks, etc.] 15x11

Puku Ram Das

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”



A different approach on life...