Slut Phase

warning to all men - who are as blind sided as i

i recently was canned by my former lover of 2 years. Not much of reason. Other than it seems like there are things she wants to do. Yes - it was very hard for me to like most of her friends. Most were pretty much sluts...even her sister was a hardcore whore after breaking up with her bf of many yrs.

i guess i'm over it. I'm over fucking around and finding a quick lay. It's so immature and shallow. but i guess it took my heart to be broken deeply for the 2nd time in this lifetime. It was probably the pre-requisite of her enrollment to "SLUT PHASE" academy :(

Now every douche bag for 50mile radius will have at least one day of each lunar phase from here on out. I hope not. In a perfect world she would become a nun... *tears*

I guess it's arranged marriage time for Dave... FUCK U WORLD!