Ashes to Ashes

HERE you shall find me. EGO… and perhaps, the struggle of this ego to share itself, to interact in a brave new world. WE ARE in such an extraordinary time, I can’t help but dislike the notion of deth amongst all the potential life now offers.

And so – in the recent year – I have been bashed and torn apart on this silly ride called life. It’s…exhilarating. I can’t fully explain to you how either… I walk outside at times and the pure mundane drone of modern society just numbs me to an apathetic state – and yet, my dreams have never felt so alive and mysterious back in my own little cave.

This BLOGGER, for now my newest incarnation – is built primarily to interact with you through my passions, my art... I am really taken by the gift of art and what it can convey that words cannot – BUT there are still times as these – where I'll let words pour out from one mind to another. And yes – purely for YOU, dear reader. I may not have the power or means to solve many of the issues that befall us – but… at least – I can entertain and MORE IMPORTANTLY (and hopefully) interact (infekt) a broader community of thought out there. So thank you for reading. (send all checks payable to David S DeRue)

My studies have been heavily immersed, no – drowning in the ocean of information now unveiled in this new day and age. I have along the side of my station, a collection of links to other sources which I have found amusing or stimulating to say the least. Check them out if you’re lost amongst the choices between facebook or myspace (bleh)

Now –ME- (afterall – this is an extension of an ego far too large but to be contained within this room from which I sit)perhaps– I am just drawing it out for the kill ^__^ BUT lately; I have been working on my comic (coma dreamland). I cannot share pages just yet, all I can say though is that it so far has been my best work to date...which is the perfect place i want to be at with this book. I will have more sketches to post soon – and forgive me but I will be sharing raw work : not my best work, but some might still find it amusing. I do – when artists I fallow share such things.

and so now onto theosophical/ philosophical rant...

I’m trying to learn the Kabbalah and other ancient mystery school thought. In my own personal experience, i have always found usefull - "Relative Reality" – perhaps you had heard me or another mention it– it's the reality you experience, which is relative and varies from that of anothers (sometimes with incredible contrast) – remember that. Understanding that will better help you understand how the world works for you, and perhaps to no one else. Lately Relativity and even Einstein has been mixing through this psychotropic souls wonder. As of lately, contemplation on the reality seen only through the realm of the tangible senses - in contrast to - higher planes of consciousness or order, a level above modern conscious approach.

Another exorciser of a stagnent mind – release your barriers. This has always kept life engaging and new to me. Our minds construct a simple model of the universe, or – sometimes society constructs an incorrect view. A great tool or antivirus if you will – is to constantly seek to broaden the realms of possibility within your view, within your imagination. To do this you also have to break down the walls that confine your thoughts.(Some ancients believed an evil resided in these constraining forces, some they even attributed to language itself... lately i can't help but see how semantics effect our view) Deconstructing inner boundaries, some of you do this already intuitively. One passing idea has been to doubt everything – never believe fully in just one idea or another, or as Pope Bob hath spoken "Never believe fully in anyones B.S. (belief system) ESPECIALLY your own!". Relatively also, through time and experience – our open model of interaction changes, thus should we should seek revision of self – revision of the ego. The death and rebirth – this has been a common theme to connect such an experience. beh - but there i go preaching or somethin of thee sort. (See what happens when your family tries beating religion into you as a child! >_> even though i heavily appose their religion - idealistic rantings still come from me) btw - Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion - Tis quite a well rounded presentation//read - i recommend it.

So anyways. I must get to sleep- as hard as it is when there’s so much to do. I’ll leave a few videos up for you to enjoy. Perhaps one of you out there will have the focus to make it through em, though i'm coming to see that more and more - people have very short attention spans ;p ~PEACE and may the DIVINE taste if WONDER be known to all!

Aug 26, 2008 Quantum Science evolves a new understanding of Reality. If you liked What The Bleep, Zeitgeist, The Matrix and An Inconvenient Truth you might enjoy this documentary.

and here's a great post from Shaun

Art and Anarchism: Zeitgeist:: Addendum (New Movie): "This film is more important then the first Zeitgeist, especially with the 'Bail-Out'."


VIMBY - tattoo society

The tattoo world has afflicted me.
I love tattooing people and learning more and more each day to this brilliant art form. I suppose it's expected that it's not for everyone. I hope though, more light can be shed where this art form, that it takes not only a tattoo machine and a shop... but a whole new application and relationship of the artist to the community. Enjoy! and contact me if interested in a quality tattoo ^__^ (dreamlandstudiosATgmail.com)



i just watched of mice and men... for the first time.

._. ... ..


Paul Newman passes at 83

My condolence and blessings to the family. Newman's own, quite possibly some of the best sauce out there, was set up so that all the profits made from that line were donated to charities. Providing an industry// source of jobs for people, and by 2008 - having contributed over 250 million$!!! Pretty nifty.



"When life has become futile, meaningless, unendurable -- it must be allowed to end."



Arnold Palmer tea, Daft Punk live, & somehow...hours gone in organizing the virtual clutter within my folders. Readin: The Vampire Lestat


Drift Away

I'm going to attempt to update as regularly as possible. Perhaps you'll see some interesting range here. sketchs, photos, most of all art! Feel free to come back often ='._.'=

Here's a tattoo with Megan, who originally wanted a cover up. This is moments after tatting (the redness will ease in a few days) One more session to go still. So far i'm pretty happy with the results, so is she. I'll link up the original when i get a copy.
House Md - Season 5 has started!

ANTM - Season11 (though i enjoy Australia's top model more now)
i really don't watch much of the tube... i'm more of a movie junkie.
Notable good movies as of late ~ Alien, Goonies, and Evangelion Rebuild.

My sleep schedules been quite paradoxical to the norm... and yet whats new =^__^= i suppose it works for me.

Hope yall enjoy! As i'm just announcing this on my other blogs, this place is more for my regular nonsense. Perhaps i'll save my emo&political rants for myspace... ...and i'll always be browsing new awesome art on DeviantArt but i'll mostly be here for the most part.

Take it easy friends ^__^ ~Dee




its 6am... almost time for sleep...

Wonka Tribute

"We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."


And now, our moment of Zen...

INK: Crystals Explodey Fairy

Out of Sam Kieth's The Maxx!!! One of three planned fairies.


Some Tender Meats...

...because, i love you ~D


Laced w/ Poisen

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." ~Kahlil Gibran


From my book that I'm currently making - "Coma Dreamland"

INK: el Lupe

My first attempt at animal realism- it is a magical Tarsier Monkey! I made friends with one once... It left me enchanted and really amazed by a sense of awareness it had. I would so love to have one as a pet, but i feel with most creatures now, they desearve to live out life in a natural habitat, not a cage.

Plastic House Plants

Found new music from Portishead today (well new to me at least) *bliss*


Nervous Universe mixed media [Acrylics, Gold Leaf, Gouache, Inks, etc.] 15x11

Puku Ram Das

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”



A different approach on life...